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what our clients are saying about us:

"Dear Holly and David, thank you both so much for all your hard work in selling mom's home on O'Connor. I know it was particularly difficult dealing with siblings in 3 different states. You were always gracious and encouraging which we really appreciate. If we move back to Texas, we will call on you to help find us a home! Wishing you many blessings in 2014."

-Steve & Anna Jones

"We are pleased with the services you provided to us during our several opportunities to work together so we want our friends to experience the same."

-Rick F.

"Dear Holly, Thanks so much for sending St. Joseph last week. I appreciate your digging him up and returning him to me. And the weather stick has been fun; it works well. Bill put it up outside my bedroom window when he was here Sunday, just in time for the storms we've had this week, thanks. I want to tell you again how pleased my sons and I were to have you as our Realtor. We hold you in high regard. If you ever need any references, please let us know."

Best Regards,


"Dear Holly, Carolyn and Janell, Thank you so much for all your patience, hard work, and everything you did to help us find a house, close on it and carpet it. We really LOVE this house - it is perfect for our family at this time. Thank you all so much!!!"


Kovey, Emily, and Ashlyn

"Holly always had that special quality, knowing how David and I felt and wanted to accomplish in life including the best home for us possible. Thanks for everything we are loving our home."

-The Neighdigh's

"Bonnie and I really do thank you for seeing us through our move. What was often times confusing, discouraging and scary was made so much better and easier to get through, because of your patience, expertise, and honesty. I'm so glad there are people like you to help and put up with people like us. Thanks again!"

-Joan and Bonnie Clark

"Dear Holly & Team, thank you so much for all the help you have given us in helping us find the right house for us. We are very pleased with how the house is turning out, and we appreciate all your patience with us. Thanks again for all you've done!"

-Brad and Jamie

"My husband and I currently moved to N Ft. Worth. We had our old home in Crowley on the market with a realtor (I won't mention names as I don't want to be rude) but we had an awful experience with her. It was on the market for over 6 months with her doing little to nothing to try and sell it only having 5 showings over that time frame. I started speaking with Holly Koester in mid January, she is a realtor for Keller Williams. Holly took the time to really understand the situation and provided me with a market analysis on our home and was honest and upfront with us (which was refreshing). I really appreciated everything she did for us. Anyway, to make a long story short, Holly found a buyer for our home in a 2 month time frame and the closing went so smoothly! I am a mortgage loan officer and I have dealt with many realtors in my line of work. In my opinion, Holly is by far the best realtor I have ever had the pleasure of working with. So I just wanted to pass on her information to all of you in case you are ever in need of a realtor or have a friend that might need her services."


"Holly, you are the best! Thanks for selling our house so quickly!"

-The Shannon's

"Holly, I really appreciate everything you have done to make this purchase happen. You are wonderful!!!!!!"

Thanks, Debra