Phenomenal is the most appropriate adjective I can think to describe the Koester Team.

As someone who is very particular, occasionally a micromanager, and has high standards, I can genuinely say that Holly and Stefanie easily meet and exceed any expectations you could set for a buyer’s agent.

We purchased our house while living out of state and without knowing the DFW area, which, as you can imagine, requires tremendous amount of trust in your realtor. Holly was truly our eyes and ears on the ground and did a spectacular job of helping us navigate the extremely fast paced and competitive DFW real estate market. She and Stefanie are prompt communicators, extremely efficient (at least two steps ahead of the game), and most importantly (to us), they were always straight shooters and kept our best intentions front and center.

Overall, the Koester Team is incredible. They are competitive, honest, extremely competent, patient, assertive, and focused on their clients’ goals. If you have the opportunity, you can and should trust them with both your business and your home.